Mar 26

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You have never in your life seen such perfect titties, we’re talking 36F, yes I said F as in so FUCKABLE that it’ll blow your mind! Alanna Ackerman not only has these amazingly huge boobies but she also has a big round ass that looks hotter than hell as she’s riding up and down on your throbbing penis! Alanna isn’t a MILF, in fact she’s just a twenty-something hottie who loves dick – there’s a whole lot more in store for this chick during her lifetime!  

Check out these video clips of Alanna as she lays on the sofa teasing her plump cleavage and hiking up her skirt to tease the camera man with her pink fishnet panties! Once she has his cock nice and hard Alanna calls him over and dropping on to her knees on the floor she opens her mouth and beckons him over to pop his penis in to her mouth. Running her tongue up and down his shaft Alanna feels her pussy getting nice and slick. Reaching down the camera man feels how wet her slit is and as soon as her moist slit sucks in his finger he sits on the couch and begs her to fuck his penis.

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Mar 23

Boobs and Bottoms

The thing about Alexis Silver is that she is an amazingly hot MILF with a huge round ass and a pair of massive breasts that will make your dick rock hard. Alexis is one of those babes that you see standing in line at the grocery store or the one who walks past you at a restaurant and you just can’t take your eyes off her massive butt. Seriously, this babes trunk has more than a little junk in it and you have got to see it in action!

Check out these movie clips of Alexis Silver, she starts off completely naked and bent over the sofa with her massive boobies hanging down and her huge butt up in the air just waiting to get pounded! This guy just can’t resist her and taking his fat cock out he waits for her to crawl over and slip his throbbing penis between her lips, it doesn’t take long and as soon as he feels her warm lips around his shaft his penis aches to spray his load down her throat. When Alexis pussy starts to drip she pulls away and lets his cock drop out of her mouth and laying on her back she spreads her legs to show off her juicy wet pink slit!

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Mar 19

Boobs and Bottoms

There is something to be said for gorgeous brunette chick Austin Kincaid, from her huge pillowy titties to her juicy round butt there is something just mesmorizing about her perfect curves. Austin isn’t a amateur anymore but she sure has the libido of an 18 year old and she knows she can get just about any lover with that butt of hers. Watching Austin walking down the street shaking that butt makes any lover want to grab her from behind and plow his cock deep inside her pink slit!

Take a look at video samples of Austin Kincaid as she does a slow striptease for her boyfriend of the moment. Bending over the sofa Austin slides down her jeans to reveal her juicy butt and as her tasty titties flop out if her bra her new fuck buddy walks over with his penis already rock hard. Austin doesn’t skip a beat, sliding his penis between her lips she lets her teeth gently nibble at his shaft before pushing him back on to the couch so she can lower her soaking wet cunt on top of his throbbing cock. Austin rides his penis so hard that she cums in minutes but just like Austin she’s always ready to go back for more!

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Mar 16

Boobs and Bottoms

There is something so good about Natasha Nice, her piercing blue eyes and those plump perky boobies are so perfect that your penis will be jumping out of your pants just to touch those penis sucking lips of hers. Natasha may have a perfectly plump pair of boobs that are just good but she also has an butt that will drive any guy crazy…in short Natasha Nice has curves that are so hot you won’t find many more babes like her!

Take a look at video samples of Natasha as she slips out of her black lacy tank top and her sexy red bra. Watching her slowly rip Natasha’s new stunt dick friend feels his huge cock growing and whipping his penis out he tells Natasha that she knows what to do and indeed she does, crawling over to him with her mouth open Natasha slips the head of his penis between her cock sucking lips and massaging the shaft of his penis with her tongue she felt his cock throbbing within her warm mouth. Unable to take much more as her pussy got wetter and wetter Natasha pushed her stunt penis on to the sofa and lowered her pink slit on to his meatstick.

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Mar 12

Boobs and Bottoms

Savannah Gold is a big tittied chick with a plump round ass and a tight body who has always spent her time looking for cocks to fuck! Savannah has been a total slut for as long as she can remember and the older she got the more of a nympho she became. Lately Savannah has been on a roll picking up one guy after another and filling her tight hole but last week she found the biggest dick she’d ever met and she just couldn’t stop going back for more!

Check out this set of samples of Savannah letting her new massive cocked friend pull down her jeans to reveal her plump tasty butt as she plays with her massive boobs. Just looking at her round butt makes his cock throb for her tight slit and pulling out his penis he doesn’t even have to ask as she drops to her knees and slides his penis between her warm wet lips! As much as Savannah loves sucking cock though there is nothing like the feeling of his massive rod pounding her tight slit and her new friend doesn’t exactly mind as he gets to grope her breasts while she rides his penis!

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Mar 09

Boobs and Bottoms

Carly Parker is one chick who you won’t be able to take your eyes off if you ever get lucky enough to see her walking down the street. Carly has the biggest boobies you have ever seen and she has an amazing body to go with them. Carly isn’t just a honey she’s also a totally horny chick who just can’t get enough penis and lucky for her she’s hot enough to get any guy she wants so she’s never wanting for penis!

Carly met this massive cocked guy when he was running by and saw her unloading groceries from her car, she was struggling a little and so he ran over to see if he could help her. As Carly looked him up and down and noticed a huge bulge in his shorts she smiled and invited him inside. As soon as they were inside before he even put the groceries down Carly dropped to her knees and slid his fat throbbing meatstick in to her mouth. He wasn’t exactly shocked as her warm lips embraced his dick but when she peeled off her shirt to show her massive tits his cock doubled in size!

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Mar 05

Boobs and Bottoms

There is something amazingly sexy about a gorgeous blonde with massive boobies dressing up in a retro sailor outfit and showing off her cock sucking skills…okay so that was a little specific, there’s something amazingly hot about a gorgeous blond with big breasts to be more precise. Velicity Von is not only a gorgeous blond with big tits but she is a naughty tattooed chick who doesn’t think twice before grinding her tight slit on your throbbing penis until you’re begging her to stop before your penis falls off!

Check out these sexy video clips of Velicity dressed up in her cute retro sailor outfit as she teases her newest boyfriend. With her massive boobs swinging as she rips open her shirt Velicity knows just how to get her mans cock rock solid and once it’s rock hard she knows exactly what to do with it! Dropping to her knees Velicity slides her boyfriends throbbing penis in to her mouth, sucking ferociously until he’s just about to explode between her lips. Just as he’s about to let go Velicity slips his cock out of her mouth and slides it in to her wet tight pussy, grinding until he just can’t take anymore!

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Mar 02

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Trina Michaels is every guys dream…that is if you dream about a gorgeous blonde girl with massive titties, dick sucking lips and a big round ass that you can’t even grab with both hands. The best thing about Trina is that she’s constantly horny and she’s not one of those shy babes who just flirts shyly, Trina is the type of chick who will grab your cock on the way past and wink at you as she keeps on walking back to her car hoping that you follow her for a sexy rendez vous in the parking lot or even better, back at her place so she can tease your dick for hours.

Take a look at video samples of Trina with one of her latest friends that she picked up in a local mall. Trina gets her new friend back to her apartment and sitting him on the couch she teases his dick until it’s big and fat by stripping slowly and grabbing her massive swollen breasts. Trina’s new friend can’t help his cock from swelling until he wanted to explode and as Trina wraps her warm wet lips around his dick he fucks her tight mouth begging to feel her tight slit!

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Feb 26

Boobs and Bottoms

Candy Manson is that chick that you see in night clubs and wonder if she’s too old to be there until you catch a glance at her big boobies and her massive round butt and you don’t remember what you were just thinking because you just can’t focus on anything but her banging body. Candy might be a bit older than all the other babes at your local nightclubs but she’s definitely packing a little something extra compared to those stick thing girls who could barely manage a dick in their slit without splitting in two!

Check out these movie samples of Candy getting down and dirty for a guy she picked up at her favorite club last week! Candy starts off teasing him, letting her massive boobs flop out of her tiny yellow bra before dropping to her knees and begging for his fat cock between her plump lips. Sliding his penis down her throat Candy feels her pussy getting wet and letting his penis fall out of her mouth she orders him to sit on the couch so she can ride his cock while he grabs her massive breasts. Candy rides his penis until she just can’t take it anymore.

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Feb 23

Boobs and Bottoms

If you love a little ethnic spice with big round curves in all the right places then you are sure to love Misti Love’s perfect curves. Misti’s perfect round boobies are enough to drive you absolutely wild but once this chick breaks out her big round butt in combination with those tasty boobies you are sure to be in trouble. The  best part about Misti Love is that she is always willing to take a big fat dick in her tight slit!

Take a look at movie samples of Misti Love doing what she does best – showing off that stunning body of hers! Misti starts off in these samples by stripping down to her pink polkadot bra and panty set to show off that flat stomach and sexy smile but it doesn’t take long for her to entrance her new friend over with his fat hard cock hanging out and ready to be sucked! Dropping on her knees Mimi slips his penis between her lips and slides her warm wet mouth up and down his fat shaft. After feeling Mimi’s penis sucking lips around his cock Mimi’s new friend picks her up and throws her on to the couch so he can bury his penis in to her pink slit!

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Feb 05

Boobs and Bottoms

Claudia Valentine is a smoking hot MILF with a nice pair of jumbo boobies that are so soft you could rest your head right on them…unless you were too busy fucking her from behind so you could get your hands around that plump butt of hers! Claudia has always been a real penis loving chick who would do anything for a guy’s attention although she hasn’t had to do too much to get any guy’s attention with those plump titties and that jumbo round butt of hers!

Take a look at video samples of Claudia as she slips out of her tight top to reveal her plump boobies. As Claudia dances for the camera with her big boobies bouncing her newest fuck buddy makes his appearance with his fat dick throbbing and begging for her mouth. Claudia drops to her knees to wrap her lips around his cock head and as she sucks her boobies bounce even more and he just can’t help himself from picking her up and dropping her on to the sofa so he could fuck her. Sliding his dick in to her wet slit as he grabbed her titties as she pushes back against him.

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Feb 02

Boobs and Bottoms

Gianna is a real New Jersey coed with a thirst for massive dick, ever since she went to college Gianna has been uncontrollable in her search for new men to fuck every day of the week but when she ran in to a recruiter for an adult website she knew she’d hit the jackpot. When she showed up she knew she’d fit the bill for a sexy chick with a big juicy butt and plump boobies but she also knew she’d be the horniest girl that they’d ever see!

Take a look at movie samples of Gianna stripping off for the camera to show off her big tasty ass and her plentiful boobies. Getting on her knees she begs her new friend to come over and show her his fat throbbing cock. Taking it in her hand Gianna rubs her dainty hand up and down his dick as she licks his dick head. Moaning at the feel of her warm wet tongue against his cock he pulls back and sits down lifting her on to his fat dick. Stretching her tight pussy with his penis he plows as deep as he can go and Gianna pushes back with her massive tits bouncing!

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Jan 29

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Evie is one sexy Latina chick with all the right curves in all the right places. If you love a Latina chick with plump boobies that will make your mouth water and a big round butt that will make your dick ache until you plunge it deep inside then Evie is most definitely your girl! Evie loves her curves and the attention that they get her, she always makes sure to wear cleavage revealing shirts and tight hugging jeans and the attention she gets from total strangers is always enough to make her tight shaved slit soaking wet!

Take a look at video clips of Evie with one of her new “friends”! Evie starts off by teasing him a little and doing a little striptease, releasing her mouth watering titties with a smile. Evie’s new friend doesn’t wait more than a few seconds after seeing her big round ass make it’s debut before running over and sticking his rock hard cock down her throat. Evie moans desperately as she hungrily slurps at his dick with his hand grabbing her hair. Directing her lips with his hand on her head he lets go and tells her to spread her juicy pussy lips so he can feel her tight pink wrapped around his man meat!

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Jan 26

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Daphne is a smoking hot just turned thirty something with a pair of titties like you have never seen before! Daphne’s titties could smother any man willing to bury his face in to them and let me tell you that man wouldn’t be hard to find! Not only does Daphne have a pair of boobs that would leave your jaw on the floor but she had a big round butt that you could fill both hands with and still have overflow! The best part about big tittied and round assed Daphne is that he is a real nympho who will do anything to keep her lover happy!

Take a look at video clips of Daphne stripped naked with her big ass up in the air just ready for a dick to plunge in to her pink pussy! As Daphne spots her new friend with benefits watching her teasing her pink she drops to her knees and waits for him to face fuck her until she chokes! As Daphne sucks and her pussy gets wetter she gets on to all fours and begs to get her slippery pussy pounded! There is nothing like watching a big tittied girl like Daphne get pounded while her massive boobies flop up and down!

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